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 Simple Application

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Simple Application Empty
PostSubject: Simple Application   Simple Application EmptySat Feb 12, 2011 11:07 pm

Name:Dennis P Kidam
Brithday: April 04,1990
Age: 20
Email Address: sky_one50@yahoo.com
Experience (being a GM or not yet): not yet.
GMT:(GMT - 8:00)
Place:Laguna Niguel,California
Hours ( how many hours you can login everyday ):probaly 12 hours a day,except weekend.
What is your purpose of applying: Try to be a game,help this server.
What can you improve in the server: help each other with other GM,clean all cheater,hacker,ETC.

Last Message ( Your Last message that could lead attract the admins to pick you ) :
i have been playing rf about 4-5 year,ill obey the rules,ill do my best for this server.

thanks have a good one.
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Simple Application
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